About Us

The site wasn’t available on the Internet for a year or maybe two. Originally I felt compelled to pass on what’s on my mind, as I have for the last fifteen years or so. Now, I’m putting some of it back online as time permits. Those who didn’t like the site probably still won’t. No problem.

As for others who originally participated on the Paradigm Control, I appreciate(d) their thoughts, time and effort. If it is wondered why some hung it up way before this site was taken off the Internet, I can’t really give any reasons because I wasn’t given any. A thing or two was very obvious, such as negative outside influence, but to talk about that wouldn’t be profitable other than for me to say and admonish others this: If you have something to say, believe in it strongly enough to not back down and back off under another’s pressure–unless you’re wrong, of course. But, life is a learning experience and as individuals we are all different, so, no hard feelings toward anyone.

The site had other “Authors” and I will put some of their writings back as time permits.

If I left off anything let me know.