Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence

These pages concerning cancer are from a previous time of being on the Internet. Here they are again. I hope something here helps someone.

It has been my thinking for over two years that since there are so many people dying with cancer–one out of every two people alive right now will have cancer at sometime in their life time–and if we already knew the facts (pros and cons) we would be prepared enough that we would know what we wanted to do about treatment in case this disease came our way.

I have found that very few are interested much, not until it hits close to home. Then, there’s a lot of scrambling and research going on. Like I said, we need to know a whole lot more–for ourselves–and quit leaving the responsibility to someone else.

Just a reminder: If we get cancer, there’s a 95% chance that we gave it to ourselves–5% may be genetic and you can look for the stats yourself. I’m running off memory.

I’m putting this part of Paradigm Control back on because my sister has stage four breast cancer and is not doing well at all. Right now prayers are needed even though she’s been on a natural cancer cure protocol….which seems to be too little too late. This information is put back for the benefit of those who can still help themselves. So, I hope you listen up if you care about yourselves and your family members.

LINK: Facts about Breast Cancer in the United States


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