Spiritual Whoredom

America is falling because of spiritual whoredom. David Wilkerson preached this years ago. This message has been all but totally ignored. “Babylon is still the spirit of this world–it is the mystery of iniquity, the mother of all spiritual adultery.” Christendom remains in “the modern-day slavery to the spirit of this age”, and refuses to leave Babylon, which is “the harlot church! It is a church within the church – a visible body existing with [the] invisible body of Christ!”

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At this point I should say that I believe America does have true believers within its borders. Of course, but this doesn’t justify this nation being identified as a Christian nation nor has it had this qualification ever in its past. There are two types of Christians–those who will follow the Lord Jesus Christ and those who will not. Those who do not include those who reject Him, even if it includes our so-called “Christian Founding Fathers”, who were mostly Deists. “If the nation owes much to the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is also indebted to Deism, a movement of reason and equality that influenced the Founding Fathers to embrace liberal political ideals remarkable for their time.” (Source for this quote: https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Founding-Fathers-Deism-and-Christianity-1272214) A humanist writes that his view is that deism is much like humanism. Read “The United States As A Christian Nation” for a little more input on just who our founding fathers were.

To be continued…

I’ll swap gears and put it into low range and bring it down to an individual’s level of understandings. (I’m actually picking up where I left off–it is now August 21st, 2019.) After all, the true church, as well as the false church, are comprised of individual members. It is way past time that the member should face the fact that lies can be held dear to the heart if self-chosen (willful) ignorance of God’s Word exists. For instance, here is an example of a great lack in understanding the truth of a certain matter:

Who Is God–The Controller of Everything?

“God is in control.” How many times have we heard that statement? I ask, “What does one mean when they say, ‘God is in control'”? Is it meant that whatever happens in this life is God’s will–that everything that happens is orchestrated by Him? If this understanding is part of who we believe God to be then how can Jesus ever justifiably tell anyone to depart from Him? If this understanding is how we identify God then in times of trouble how can we do anything other than accuse God for our sufferings, always and continually questioning God for all the bad things seen and experienced? A result of this crooked way of belief is that it does away with personal responsibilities concerning choices made. What’s left? Living a life of accusing others, including God, for everything that goes wrong is what’s left. We even get to the place where we hate those, including God, who pose a threat to our way of thinking. Accusing God should always be a warning but whoring around after other gods–false teachings, etc.– is the evidence witnessed in such people. The sickening fact is that so many church-goers live out this “understanding” because that is what they’ve been taught to believe. Why not turn to the Bible for instruction and acknowledge that most can and have been deceived by spiritual pimps? It is time to know whether or not we’re participating in such  spiritual whoredom!

God is who he says He is. Who He says He is can be found in His Word, the Bible. God is the Almighty. There is none greater than He. Know Him and be blessed.