Cessation of Spiritual Gifts?

How far this study goes beyond scratching the surface is greatly dependent on the interest of the visiting readers.

There are two opposing views as to whether or not the gifts of the Spirit are in operation today. Here is what a well known Bible teacher/scholar/theologian has to say:

The following video goes into much more detail into explaining the view of cessationists:

After listening to this Strange Fire Question and Answer Session, it seems that along with throwing the baby out with the bathwater–an old English proverb, these panelists have clearly shown what their conclusion is: Cessation of tongues, prophecy, knowledge and other gifts of the Spirit.

The video clips that were shown in the Strange Fire Pane Question and Answer, Session 1 video above is, no doubt, a no-brainer for any true, born-again, non-deceived Christian to be able to quickly see as false and not of God. So, who is telling the truth in the next two videos, Dan Mohler or the cessationist?

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