An Easy Gospel Begets Easy Disciples

“Church” is simply that which Jesus is building upon the foundation of Himself. It consists of those to whom God has chosen to reveal His Son. This revelation of who we are in Christ and who Christ is in us is the key. Without this firm foundation we cannot know, understand or experience being part of the Church. Our religious head knowledge is of virtually no significance, or the repeating of the so-called “Sinner’s Prayer” means nothing apart from the revelation of Jesus Christ. The Church is not built upon the individual Peter, but upon those to whom God has revealed Himself through the Holy Spirit. … Those structures not built upon the Foundation of Jesus Christ will fall of their own accord (I Corinthians 3:12-17; Matthew 7:24-27).”

The title to this post and the paragraph above came from comments left on the Kjos Ministries website in response to this article and other articles.

Before I go any further, there are some of us who realizes that we are out-of-step with current thinking. I said “us” because I know (because of reactions pertaining to the content found on this site and the Paradigm Control site–ignoring and the silent treatment are reactions) I’m seen as one who is a “solipsistic” (selfish) individual–because of my “being so self-absorbed that I will not go along with the flow” of today’s beliefs. Regardless, silence on issues, subjects, topics and or matters as found on the Kjos Ministries website, by those who identify themselves as Christians, is a result of easy believism or the result of being deceived with an “easy gospel”.

The purpose of this post is to encourage the few who are true born-again believers on Jesus Christ, to not be confounded when so many of the other (so called) believers do not, and cannot, recognize and respond to the One who lives in you. Those who’ve built their house “upon the foundation of Jesus Christ”, you will know and those who haven’t  “will fall of their own accord”–if they haven’t already–and this you should know as well.

“We cannot know one another according to the flesh and find contentment. We cannot properly discern the Body until we establish communion with its Head. Life is given and received as we stand with one another in relationship to Christ.” (This is a link to the same “comment” page as linked to above.)


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