“Calvinist” is a video documentary:

“When a generation finds the theology and practice of the modern church wanting, they turn to the internet for answers. an investigation into the roots of the reformation reveals a theology that challenges everything they thought they knew about Christianity. With a fresh view of God, where do they go from here? CALVINIST is the theology documentary of a lifetime. Featuring influential teachers R.C. Sproul, Paul Washer, Shai Linne, Kevin Deyoung, James White and many more.”1

Find it on YouTube, find it on Amazon, buy it, purchase it. Watch it and learn the doctrine. If you agree with it and live by it then know that there is more that could possibly change your mind. Have you ever read the book. “The Other Side of Calvinism”?

Until then….

Added thought–Jan. 3rd, 2020:

“The man represented by the “good ground” is the only one of the four who is truly saved, because salvation’s proof is fruit.” (Source: A Calvinist website.) Every time I read or hear that statement it always brings a question to mind–and one I have publicly asked before in a church service–and it’s this:

If it is genuine seed which is sowed and it brings forth life for only one day, is not that life genuine?


  1. Source: https://faithlifetv.com/items/505122

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