This site, “Perception Management” is simple, straight forward and noncondesending. If this is found not to be true, I will be grateful for it to be brought immediately to my attention.

The tagline, “Studies In God’s Holy Word Using the King James Bible” means just exactly that. I’m using the King James Bible because it is God’s Word. It is the only translation I have used.

Knowing the truth of God’s Holy Word comes through obedience to His Word and being reconciled to God through deeds of repentance takes a little more than just sitting back and waiting for something glorious and wonderful to happen.

I have had ten plus years of experience sharing what I’ve learned in the past via another website and took it off the Internet sometime ago. Through unbelief, brought on by my lack of biblical knowledge and understanding (mainly because of my apathy) I wasn’t spiritually matured enough to be patient with the ones who evaded that part of me, which was a lot because I spent much time working on the site. I finally got fed-up with it and let it go. I was wrong by doing that. I had plenty to learn and it was time for me to learn what I was in need of. It took me a while to see some things that I needed to come to. So, what I have learned and am beginning to understand is what this site is mostly about. (Someday I may put some of the content from the old site back up and give a link to it from this website. Got lots to do, so, we’ll see how it goes.)

I do not rely upon myself alone to bring forth things that seems to be needful of attention. I want to follow the leading of God’s Holy Spirit in all that I do. He alone is The One to be glorified.  Just because I have been encouraged enough (mostly by the Holy Ghost) to begin “Perception Management” doesn’t make me somebody special. Also, as I stated on my other site, I only have a GED, which I obtained when I was 50. So, in that regard, informal education is all I have and I don’t have a lot of that but I continue to learn and I do have Jesus.

As a teenager I was rebellious. No human being was going make me do something I didn’t want to do. If I wanted to do something I would do whatever I had to to do it. I wanted what I wanted and nobody was going to stop me. Most of the time what I wanted was to escape. I could not have cared less about my relationship with Jesus Christ. I look back on those days and wonder how in the world could this have happened to me.

After my teenage years passed, for about 15 years I was an “off-and-on” kind of Christian. Mostly “off”. How could this be? People. I let people get under my skin. What an excuse! Always finding fault with what someone said or did. I would gripe and complain and wouldn’t give it up. Blaming others is a very easy thing to do (Even so, I have always payed attention to what motivates people). Come to think of it, that in itself was coming from a heart of rebellion because I knew better. “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” -I Samuel 15:23 Rebellion is as bad as witchcraft and being stubborn on top of that re-enforces the fact that I had put myself first. What an indulgence! And all the while I considered myself a follower of Jesus Christ! I actually called myself a “Christian” while in this foul condition! “Christian” or not, there was turmoil going on inside of me and still…

I was my own master. Or so I thought.

And still…

God was there all along.

I have a long history–67 years, as of 2017–and a bunch of it ain’t good. As a rebel and a self-serving, wayward son I brought dishonor upon my parents and done so without a second thought. I absolutely did not know what I was doing. I did not care. In some ways I had a heart of stone. Oh sure, from time to time I would be softened up some and be brought to my senses but it wouldn’t be long before I was running from God again. There was so much I didn’t understand. Even if what I needed was there I didn’t have eyes to see it.

I  sure am glad that God is patient and merciful!

Here is where I can say that I didn’t have to relate all of the above. I could have said that in the earlier years of my life I didn’t follow God much and it took me a while to learn some things that I needed to know and that my life probably wasn’t much different than a lot of other folks. And then, simply concluded this page with the bottom three paragraphs and this “About” page would be just find. But it wouldn’t be fine because of one thing. So, here is a bit of instruction, in the form of…


One can go through a lot of years being ignorant of the very words God has given which would bring peace and joy into our daily lives, just like me. Perceptions can make us or break us. Question everything. No? Then what is perceived to be true may just be a lie. So listen: Too many people, to their detriment, go through their entire lives not knowing that most of what they believe and / or prefer to believe has been “managed” by someone else. Giving your responsibility for your spiritual health over to someone else can be very dangerous.

At the age of 37 something happened in my life–the last straw was drawn. Reality showed itself one more time and God gave me yet another chance to turn toward Him and turn toward Him is what I done. It was hard in a lot of ways to follow Him, mostly because of not understanding some basic scriptures concerning salvation. Since then I have stumbled many times and have hurt others with my willful ignorance. God has shown me His mercy and kindness and has brought me back a bunch of times.

Cutting to the chase, God uses His children to rebuke, reprove, instruct, correct and exhort when it is needed. It is needed. It is always needed. God can be found if we look for Him.

And now you know. I’m a nobody…in the world’s eyes. But. I am a child of the King and now, if I will only keep my eyes on Jesus, I will follow and praise Him for the rest of my life. I am His child and I am a member of the body of Christ Jesus. My prayerful thought at the moment is, “Lord, keep me humble.” He will. My confidence lies in Him, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, the living son of the Most High God.

Pray that I continue in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake.

In Jesus’ name.

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