Am I Saved?

I have had to ask myself that question, “Am I saved?” quite a number of times since the age of twelve–when I first went to the “altar”1 and poured my heart out to God for forgiveness of my sins. I did this numerous times and always left with a clean conscience. My understanding of my salvation has increased since then. The old me was crucified when Jesus was crucified and I have been risen into a new life. I am a new man in Christ Jesus and the body of sin no longer has power over me because it is dead. The old me is dead and that means I am free from sin. —Romans 6 (A one hour video by Michael Pearl)

Many have heard preachers and teachers present God’s plan of salvation. Personally, I’ve listened to them in Pentecostal churches, Holiness churches, Baptist churches, other denominations and on the radio, TV and the Internet and have wondered if they themselves were even saved. This three part teaching ( is one that is very worthy of your time. It is from No Greater Joy Ministries What you are about to (hopefully) listen to will definitely help you answer the question, “Am I saved?” If you’re in doubt, as I once was, this sermon is for you.2

“Am I saved?” either fortifies who we are in Jesus Christ or it reveals the need to be truly saved.

One more sermon— The Man Christ Jesus: “The Man Christ Jesus” can be downloaded for free at this link: This was preached in a state prison. I hope you listen to it. “The Man Christ Jesus” is the first message of the four part series, “Righteousness”. Go here to buy the $9.99 Digital Download of all four sermons.

Some pastors evaluate a Christian website as incomplete or falling short if the site doesn’t present the plan of salvation. It has been presented here for the ones who really want to know. Just going through the motions by saying ”If you believe…”–bla-bla-bla, to me, is falling woefully short of presenting the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

More thoughts on salvation: What Does It Mean To Believe In Jesus Christ?


  1. It was called an altar but now I would say that it was actually a prayer bench, which was located in front of the podium.
  2. I had the “Am I Saved” teaching available on this page but it was requested by No Greater Joy Ministries that I only provide a link to a free download. So, again, here’s the link:

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