The Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

First question: Does it matter?

Answer: Ask God.

I’ve seen matter-of-fact responses, tainted with a degrees of aggravation, when the word Sabbath was mentioned as far as it being the Lord’s Day. I have also been part of a conversation about this with those who actually would like to know what the truth of the matter is, without a belligerent attitude. Through the years much has been recorded concerning the changing of the Sabbath to the first day of the week, Sunday. People of many denominations have shared their knowledge of this change. Here are a few quotes from the Catholic Church who candidly give their confessions1:

“But the Protestant says: How can I receive the teachings of an apostate Church? How, we ask, have you managed to receive her teachings all your life, in direct opposition to your recognized teacher, the Bible, on the Sabbath question?” The Christian Sabbath (2nd ed.; Baltimore: The Catholic Mirror, 1893), p. 29, 30.

John O’Brien, Ph.D., LL.D.: “But since Saturday, not Sunday, is specified in the Bible, isn’t it curious that non-Catholics who profess to take their religion directly from the Bible, and not the Church, observe Sunday instead of Saturday? Yes of course, it is inconsistent; but this change was made about 15 centuries before Protestantism was born, and by that time the custom was universally observed. They have continued the custom, even though it rests upon the authority of the Catholic Church and not upon an explicit text in the Bible. That observance remains as a reminder of the Mother Church from which the non-Catholic sects broke away – like a boy running away from home but still carrying in his pocket a picture of his mother or a lock of her hair.” Faith of Millions, pp. 543 and 544.

“Hence, the conclusion is inevitable; namely that of those who follow the Bible as their guide, the Israelites and the Seventh-day Adventists have the exclusive weight of evidence on their side, whilst the Biblical Protestant has not a word in self defense for his substitution of Sunday for Saturday.” Catholic Mirror.

“Reason and sense demand the acceptance of one or the other of these alternatives: either Protestantism and the keeping holy of Saturday or Catholicity and the keeping holy of Sunday. Compromise is impossible.” James Cardinal Gibbons, Catholic Mirror, Dec. 23, 1893.

I suppose that’s enough but Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Congregationalists, Church of Christ, the Anglican Church, Presbyterians and others, as well as many Catholics, have made it perfectly clear that Sunday worship cannot be found in the Bible and that it originated with the Catholic Church.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. These quotes,and more, from the Catholics, as well as others and be found here: