A Conversation About Vaccines

There should be a desire to live righteously and of course, with the utmost moral integrity. There shouldn’t be a closing of the mind when presented with facts concerning the many dangers of this country’s vaccine program. With just an ounce of curiosity for the truth there will be an honest look into the vaccine controversy. Just about everyone I know (and have heard many others testify to the same) who are on this side of the fence were once on the other (pro-vaccine) side  and most everyone on the other side has never been on this (knowing and facing the dangers of vaccines) side.

So. Who fears a conversation with someone who’s view is different?

These types of videos are heavily censored. If it happens to not be available and you would like to have a copy, let me know. The title of this one is, “Del Bigtree The Coronavirus Vaccine Agenda – London Real”:

Another YouTube video that may soon be censored:

May we have a conversation now?