The “Vaccine Checkpoint” administrator(s) will remain anonymous for a little while. Most of the content on VaccineCheckpoint are the results of someone else’s research and hard work. We simply provided the links to what they have presented. As you can see, it isn’t who we are that should be of any concern; it is the truth which all of us should be desiring.

 Some clarification as to why the effort was made to put this site on the web may be in order. It was done to prove that there exists easily obtainable, honest and truthful (full of truth!) vaccine information on the Internet. Just a small portion of it has been put here just to verify that it can be found. I found it; you can, too.

There are many websites with this kind of information that are ran by people with better qualifications, abilities and financial resources than we have. If this is your first stop in searching for the truth about vaccines, don’t let us be a cause for you to go no further. Keep searching until you know the truth. That is what is of the utmost importance. But it would be nice to know if something on this site helped.

Also, just for the record, I have presented vaccine information on other websites and most of that content has been brought here to this website. My investigation into vaccines has been going on for about ten years or so. The main point I wish to emphasize is that it is a record of my efforts to inform others, especially the ones I know and love.


The domain name (URL), VaccineCheckpoint.com, came to mind because of a road sign I saw on a video. Since one out of two children are chronically ill and one out of six children have neurological disorders 1, Vaccine Checkpoint is in order–check in long enough to see if what is believed is true. At the end of the day it is  the researcher’s choice as to what the next move will be.

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The Reason For This Website, “Vaccine Checkpoint” (https://vaccineheckpoint.com)

We are believers in Jesus Christ; we follow Him. I have found that life without Jesus is a dead end road. I believe that the only savior for mankind is Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of the one and only true God. Read about Him in the Bible. Learn about Him and follow Him by turning from the god of this world a (and idols of the heart) and walk daily with Him. This is repentance. This is true peace.

We’re praying for you and yours, and we hope you’re doing the same for us.

-Administrator@Vaccine Checkpoint

The Bible Answers ANY and All Questions About Life – Spiritually and Physically


  1. An estimated 43% of US children (32 million) currently have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions assessed, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity, or being at risk for developmental delays are included; 19.2% (14.2 million) have conditions resulting in a special health care need, a 1.6 point increase since 2003″ Source: Academic Pediatrics

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