Believers Informing Others

There is a deafening silence epidemic.

Silence from knowledgeable and influential people is a deceiving silence because withholding the warnings of the dangers of vaccines and its’ many known dangerous ingredients is the same as saying that everything is fine–take your shots. There are too many people in leadership who are very well aware of this silent epidemic and will not breathe a word of it to a soul.

To be aware of the provable information, as in the video below, and still fear the consequences (ridicule and rejection) of informing others exhibits a lack of understanding the need to inform–and warn if need be–others.

Then there are those who are silent because they simply do not know. To such ones: Now is your chance to learn the truth.

 The Silent Epidemic–The Untold Story of Vaccines YouTube video (uploaded in 2013) concerns the well-being of the physical body as well as the health of the spiritual body. Obviously, one always affects the other. Again, we shouldn’t be so afraid that we refrain from passing along to our fellow man knowledge and understanding we have been blessed with. We shouldn’t be so fearful of the path the learning of the truth will take us–if we trust Him day by day. Dare we not allow ourselves to know the other side of the story–the defense’s side of this untold story?

Informing others, especially when it concerns certain matters–in this case, vaccines– should be something we all would do, especially if we know the dangers involved. But, that just so happens to not be true. Having said that brings us to this:

Why discard all the abundantly available information about vaccines, the ingredients in them and how the different chemicals affect the body, including the brain, just because your doctor disagrees with what you find out? Why is it, then, that it is even possible that some will not do just a little investigating into this matter? Oh, you professing Christians! Why is it that God is not leading you to learn this truth? Is it because the doctors, nurses and school teachers in your congregation would ridicule and shame you?

Physical health, for most people, is an evidence of the spiritual condition of a person. For instance, over-all appearance can reveal something about the individual, such as indulgence. Indulgence in the physical shows indulgence in spiritual matters. Indulgence in spiritual matters (possibly) may not be seen until it is manifested. A spiritually indulging individual can and will indulge in thoughts, leading to deeds, that are displeasing to God. Willful ignorance, especially in this particular matter, is a result of pride. Pumping 26–or whatever the amount is today–shots into your child by the time he’s one year old ought to be enough to raise some questions for anyone claiming to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and for any other people living an honest and moral life. Instead, the vaccine topic is left alone by most people and, more often than not, it is to their own and/or their children’s detriment.

Speak up! Somebody needs to.

Please note it is realized that the children with vaccine harm (If you have ever clicked on a link, click on this one!) are not responsible for their sicknesses–their parents and doctors are.

Why is it that people, especially parents, will not listen to the defense and only follow the demands of the prosecutors—the promoters of vaccines? Mothers and fathers sentence their children (the innocent defendants who cannot speak for themselves) to a life of sickness and diseases simply because they choose to not know what the defense knows.

God’s people literally perish because they lack knowledge. They lack confidence in truth. They don’t recognize truth, even if it is right in front of them. They had rather follow the pack, just because it is what they’ve been told to do: “Follow us or we will be disappointed in you. Get back in line or we will turn on you.”

But, thank God, there are those who are not afraid and there are those who fear God and not man!

“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.” -Albert Einstein

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