“Misinformation” Websites

Anyone going against the agenda of Satan will be up to their eyeballs in all kinds of trouble. Anyone with two brain cells should acknowledge that vaccine information should be truthful and if the vaccine industry’s information turns out to be lies then it would be simple logic to assume that it it would be expected to hear  expositions of the lies. And, so it is.

True vaccine science is labeled as “misinformation” and it has been proven to be deadly, especially in America, since we are the most vaccinated country in the solar system. And still, discarding the truth concerning vaccines continues, even in the lives of those proclaiming to know and love the Truth. It is so easily accomplished by those (albeit, sometimes unknowingly) enslaved to the desires of the world’s string-pullers.

This website has all the properties to be identified as a “misinformation” website and it’s one among many. So, where do you stand?

Rhetorical questions: Based upon the vaccine knowledge you have, if you shared it could you be labeled as one sharing misinformation? Have you been called demeaning names? Have you been shunned by family and friends and co-workers?

Following are a few “misinformation” websites–in no certain order; listed as I think of them–that you may or may not have heard of. If I link to a certain page, other than the homepage, it’s because you should take time to read that article, if you haven’t already. Videos listed here may be of interest. Some YouTube videos are being censored over and over (people keep re-posting them) so look on BitChute, Brighteon and other platforms for a video that may have been censored.

#1- Senator Scott Jensen from Minnesota has been in the news for a few months. He is also a doctor. Search for him and many results will come up. The topic, which he is “guilty” of for spreading misinformation is the padded number of CovID-19 deaths. He is not the only doctor who has brought forth this same information. Go to BitChute.com and search for “Doctors Speak Out About Covid Deaths“.

#2- Alliance for Human Research Protection

#3- VaccineImpact.com This will take you an article titled, “The Satanic Roots to Modern Medicine – The Mark of the Beast?”

Brian Shilhavy’s (at VaccineImpact.com) BitChute Channel

#4- TheTruthAboutVaccines.com

#5- Vaxxter.com

#6- Children’s Health Defense Science Library

#7- Stop Mandatory Vaccination


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