“No One Has Died FROM The Coronavirus”

Okay. Just a little bit of commentary before a link to “No One Has Died from the Coronavirus” is provided… or you can skip on down….

That title should arouse a bit of interest. 

My personal opinion is that people can die with the coronavirus because their immune system is not in a good condition, for whatever the reason may be. That’s not to say that if they had not gotten the virus they would have died anyway. It can be concluded that if someone has a lung disease and gets this virus that death is going to happen sooner. In other words, without the lung disease there would have been no death and without the virus death would have been further down the road. So, when this person dies, it is because of the lung disease and the coronavirus-not just the virus as the cause of death. Like I said, its just my opinion.

Does anyone reading this know of a healthy person who died from COVID-19? At this time, I haven’t.

All I am doing here is looking into information as I find it. To quickly scan over information available on both sides of any fence will yield a quick answer but it may not be a right answer. Lately, I have chosen to be quiet when  people rattle-off their opinions in the face of so many unanswered questions. Maybe they’ll do the same with me?

I think this is certainly worthy of reading, no matter what our opinion may be.

“No One Has Died FROM The Coronavirus”

Same article here:

“No one has died from the coronavirus”



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