Some of Us Don’t Fit In

The book, “The Crowd: A Study of The Popular Mind“, written in 1895. has already been referred to on this site.

Reading the book will educate one questioning why it is that very few people will hear  an individual who steps away from the crowd to speak of the results of his / her investigations. The choices  of escaping “the box” manifests with itself in numerous ways. One of the consequences for speaking out is the loss of friendships.

It is one thing to have knowledge but quite another to bring a member of the herd to an actual partaking of the truth. One will, at some point in their journey, ask themselves, “Why bother?”

The answer is…

Because, every once-in-a-while we will be the one who awakens a crowd follower well enough to where a choice is made to take the red pill.

Going along to get along is all around us. But… Some people stick out like a sore thumb on a hand with no fingers–what about you?

A pill so red it may be hard to swallow 🙁 :

*  *  *

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Updated: 8/21/20


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