The COVID-19 Vaccine

There is far too much scientific information saying that the world really needs to be careful with the soon-coming COVID vaccine. But, unblemished ignorance prevails from most people I’m around.

The following “LondonReal.TV” links have downloadable video parts of the interviews of Brian Rose interviewing Dr Judy Mikovits and Sherrie Tenpenny. At these linked to pages look for a video called “Pandemic”. It has been removed from YouTube since I saw it. Look it up on YouTube anyway. You’ll find a swarm of put-downs and attacks in most of the  results. From all I’ve heard, seen and read I think these two doctors are well worth listening to–along with many others, of course. 🙂

If these two links are too much of a hassle to download you can gist of it here in this short video.

More interesting information: The Truth About Vaccines Docu-Series: Episode 9:

A side-note: At this link it can be seen how a “go-along-to-get-along” society will continue in their being misinformed and their ad hominem assaults will persist. Even attacking the character of an informer may momentarily succeed; its because it lands on uninformed ears. But many of the uninformed ears are hearing a call to the truth. BuzzFeedNews joins in on identifying the “Plandemic” video as being filled with falsehoods. Many well-known publications join forces to dupe the public and do so without the least bit of interest in facts. Their readers/followers think that these writers are true journalists. They are fooled. The fooled doesn’t know he’s been fooled and the worst of it is that he’s been fooled by another fool. They are all friends with stupidity–well-meaning or not.

Do you see what I see?

Thanks for doing your own investigation and have a good day.

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