The Vaccine Litmus Test For Those Calling Themselves Christians

Part One

A “Christian” arriving at this website, “Vaccine Checkpoint”, should be aiming to find and understand the truth. It shouldn’t take all that long to determine whether or not the content found here is scientifically factual.

This litmus test is for you and it is this: If you, as a Christian–one who hears His voice and He knows you and you follow Him (John 10:27 KJV Bible)–have chosen to know the truth about vaccines and will not be satisfied until you possess the truth then vaccines will not be an idol you bow down and submit to. On the other hand, you may be a Christian in name only.

Placing trust in a lie and defending a lie is living life foolishly. Real eyes realize truths that come up before us as we walk along the path God has given us. What about you–are you for real? Are you walking in the light? I pray that you are.

Part Two