Know the Manipulator To Know The Manipulated To Know The Manipulator

So-called “Christians” choose to remain at ease with the status quo and believe lies. Most of us have been too quiet for too long.

All should know the world we are living in and what has been happening for a long time to bring it to where it is now. If not then here’s a link or so to another website which covers a lot of ground in a short period of time. Start here by clicking on this link: Here is what you’ll be reading about:

Reinventing the World ~ Part 1

The Seamless Communitarian System

Conforming people, schools, corporations, governments and churches to UN standards.

by Berit Kjos – 2001

Here is Part 2 (The Mind-Changing Dialectic Process) and Part 3 (Managing the Masses Through Global Standards).

I hope notice is taken: All of what can be learned from this webpage’s links can reveal the steps which have been taken to ensure all of human kind’s whole-hearted willingness to take the mark of the beast, “Christians” included!

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