Liars In Authority

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”  -Albert Einstein

The media most definitely lies–those who can’t get a grip on that one is in deep trouble. But, in case you need proof…

* * * * *

The medical industry most assuredly will lie to those who dare to question them. For example, ask most any medical professional about vaccines; ask how it relates to the autism epidemic.

* * * * *

The government education system produces a population who cannot think for themselves–as planned.


* * * * *

Spineless religious leaders kneel to the social pressures of the day and will not take a stand against the lies that we all are propagandized with.

* * * * *

Who is left to tell the truth? Who will take courage to know the truth, live it and tell it?

Do not be intimidated by lies of those in imposing authority. The most obscene, sickening and groveling gesture made by leaders is that of silencing the truth with their silence.

Don’t be one who chooses to continue being led by blind leadership, even by ones professing a “close walk with Jesus”, who yet turn a blind eye toward the physical pitfalls of everyday life (self-indulgences, in one form or another)–some are so spiritually superior that they prove to be of no earthly good.

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