About False Religions

It has been said to stay away from learning about other religions because we, as Christians, may get attracted to one and drawn away from the Truth. I disagree.

When a fulfilling life has been obtained through Jesus Christ and we do not know how to invite believers in other religions to come to us because of our ignorance of how they’re perceiving the issues of life, then maybe we should educate ourselves a little about other religions.

First, studying other religions helps us to better understand the unbelievers we seek to evangelize. If we wish to share the gospel with a Buddhist, for example, it is helpful to realize that this religion believes in reincarnation.

Second, studying other religions helps us to better understand our own religion. Much of what Christians debate is unessential, but what are the critical beliefs of our faith that are uniquely Christian? When we view the beliefs of other faiths, we can see what is unique about our own faith.

Third, studying other religions helps us have a deeper appreciation for our own beliefs. For example, when I study Islam and its lack of assurance regarding the afterlife, I find greater comfort in the Bible’s teaching that we can know for certain we have eternal life (1 John 5:13). When I read in Wicca that there is a “rule of three” that teaches what I do to others comes back to me threefold, either good or bad, I can take much greater comfort in the teaching of Jesus that instructs to love my neighbor as myself. Christ’s unconditional love for us and His teachings to unconditionally love others stand as greater and more satisfying than the teachings of other religious traditions.

What You Need to Know About World Religions

To know what others believe is essential to sharing what you know is true.

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Edited 8/12/2018

Added 12-28-2018: I keep forgetting to add something to this page, which I thought of several months ago. It is about celebrating “Christian holidays”. Visit this page and you will see the connection. Studying other religions can also show us sometimes how and why other religious observances and forms of worship have been blended in with Christianity. It is probable that the heathen know more about this than God’s (so-called) people.

One thought on “About False Religions

  1. Sandra December 7, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    The link above, “To know what others believe is essential to sharing what you know to be true”, takes you to the page, “Should Christians Study Other Religions and Faiths?” My first thought is that it is very important to know if what others are preaching or teaching is the truth according to the Word of God. Now days there are so many out there proclaiming to have the truth and more than likely there are a lot of self motivated beliefs mixed in with their teachings of the word of God, and if we don’t study the word for ourselves and have our own personal relationship with Him, keeping our hearts pure before Him and dying to self, and staying humble, we will ALWAYS use our head knowledge to try and decipher what truth is. My heart’s desire is to know God’s truth and stand firm with true concern for the person I am about to answer. In the first paragraph there is this question:

    “If I came up to you and had only three minutes to be saved and told you ‘I am dying…please, quickly tell me how I can be saved?’ would you know how to tell me? What Bible verses would you quote? Do you have any Scriptures memorized that you can give? Which ones would they be? What would you say?”

    I would show them, Acts 16:31, “And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” Then I would ask them “Do you know what it means to believe?” For this instance, having only minutes before death, he might ask “what does it mean?” I would have to tell him,”It is being truly sorry for your transgressions and asking for forgiveness and turning from your transgressions and trusting that the Lord has forgiven you!” To continue on the thought of what true belief is for the ones that just have head knowledge on believing, (like I have had in times past) if we believe someone, we can truly trust and obey them. So when we say we believe, our trust on Him will cause us to want to follow and obey Him. If we can truly understand that God sent His Son Jesus to not only forgive our sin, but to make a way for us to be adopted back into Him as sons and daughters, to make the way for us to have full access to His Throne, to know that we are loved with a love that we can’t begin to understand, it will be so humbling that our hearts will long to honor Him with our lives and our substances and continue to walk daily according to His voice! We will truly understand that we have a Father in heaven and His son Jesus, who makes intersessions for us. That is the gift Of God! I truly want to learn more, and more of Him, to hear His voice clearer than ever before.

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