About Us

Not much to tell. We just want to be for real before God and man. This requires us to have a clear, clean conscience. We don’t know it all but hope to know more as He reveals Himself to us.

The site wasn’t available on the Internet for a year or maybe two.1 For the last fifteen years or so I was compelled by the Lord to pass on what’s been laid on my mind and my spirit. Now, I’m putting some of it back online as time permits. (By the way, I have the full support of my wife–always have had. She’s always been a wonderful partner in life, going on 50 years!)

For those who originally participated on the Paradigm Control, I appreciate(d) your thoughts, time and effort. The site had other “Authors” and I will put some of their writings back as time permits.

If I left off anything let me know.



  1. I had to learn something when I took the original site down but I didn’t know it at the time. What I learned was not to get discouraged. I needed to learn patience in a way I had never thought of before. I had let the negative responses–no response is a negative response–to this site (and other sites that I run) by certain people I thought I was close friends with, including a few family members, cause me to decide to give it up. I’m back and even though the ignoring responses continue (and has escalated, for one example, into  a rebuke given to me for spending so much time being concerned with good health and other areas of our lives concerning the physical necessities) I am not offended. So, beware and try not to let it happen to you when you endeavor to minister what our Lord has put upon your heart.