An Uplifting Thought About Responsible Physical and Spiritual Health

A thought about responsible health? Physical and Spiritual? Yes and yes–so many times physical and spiritual health go hand-in-hand. Here’s the connection:

Most of the time an obvious indulgence, such as a habitual over-doing-it–for example, in eating cake, pie and ice-cream, evidenced by excessive body fat, aches and pains–reveals indulgences in the spiritual realm as well. Like how? Well if I gave some examples, some would probably think that I am personally talking to them but I will give one: Because of so much TV time most have been seduced in so many ways and with so much deception that there is no awareness of the many deceptions which are (dearly) believed as “spiritual” truths. Just give it some prayerful thought and the connections should be revealed. Hopefully.

I believe that ailing Christian people, with integrity, should ponder why is it that they never get well and/or why God doesn’t heal them. Of course there are several answers to those questions, some of which can and do cause apathy in the search for the real truth–God’s will–for our daily walk with Jesus. God’s answer to our problem(s) is what has an eternal reward for us; if only we obey. Here’s a thought to contemplate: How can we obey if we don’t know what His will for our next step is?

In times past it always bothered me to see someone turn their back on information which could really help in an individual’s certain situation because I would take it as though they were rejecting me. The truth was that they were but the core problem was–and still is–that truth was being rejected and that is what concerns me most now. (My feelings don’t get hurt and agitated as much as they did in the past.)

Here’s the uplifting thought: By this understanding, I now have the compassion, desire and guidance to pray for those who cannot recognize certain deceptions brought upon them by the workers of darkness. The ultimate bright side is that God is, has and will be answering the prayers of His people because His people hears His voice and will follow Him! His people are overcomers!

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  1. Sandra February 12, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Jeanice Barcelo | The Dark Agenda Behind The Hospital Birth Protocols

    I have watched some of this and it just confirms some of what I have come to believe. All this has been set in place to make weak minded and weak bodied people. This type of people can be controlled more easily.

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