Anecdotal Evidence that the MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

The MMR vaccine being a major causation of the autism epidemic has been known for a long time and yet, even now there are many “health” websites claiming that there is no evidence that show the MMR vaccine causes autism. (I would list some of these sites but if you’ve done any research at all, you already know that this claim exists in many places.) I would advise parents with small children who has yet to be vaccinated with the MMR vaccine to watch Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. If you would like to go ahead and vaccinate your child with the MMR vaccine and you need a little nudge in that direction then you can go to a Washington Post article and of course, the choice is yours. But on the other hand, if you do the proper research, which will include investigating the monopoly that the pharmaceutical industry, government and its agencies and the media possess (read the description for this book); then, you will be able to read between the lines; you will be able to detect the deceptions, as in the mentioned Washington Post article and all the other findings denying this connection. If you should decide to go ahead and give your child this vaccination, ask your pediatrician what would it hurt to wait until the child is older than three years old (This decreases the risk of autism seven or eight fold). Let me ask YOU something. Considering the fact that this is YOUR child–not the state’s–why are you even wanting to give your child this vaccine in the first place?

Okay. I’ve conveyed a sufficient amount of information but I’ll throw in a little extra info, just for good measure. Link:

ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported


You can click on the title within the video window and go straight to YouTube and watch more short videos of HearThisWell. Also, you can do a YouTube search for, “#hearthiswell # CDCwhistleblower” or “hear this well CDC whistleblower“.

I believe that these anecdotal evidences will remain “not good enough” for the major number of vaccine believers. There is a reason that a lack of persuasion for pro-vaccine people to think twice exists and here it is (For your own sake–and that of your child’s–please visit this link).

By the way, show me some “quackery” in the “Hear Me Well” video above. Also, why is it that the doctor asks you all kinds of questions in order to help himself in diagnosing your child’s problem and all of a sudden your input of anecdotal evidence is no longer needed when your child has been injured by a vaccine.

If children aren’t injured by vaccines, why is it that the government has paid over $3,000,000,000 because of vaccine injuries? It is because of the adjuvants used in vaccines. Some say that the amounts of these toxins are smaller that what the child may have to deal with in his environment. Think again. Do some more research. Begin first by searching “vaccine toxins in the brain”.

Since you’re here you’re welcome to give me a piece of your mind or tell the rest of us what you have come to believe. In fact, I think you should take a stand, one way or the other.

Carry on,

Freeman Shepherd

First published September of 2016. Edited and added here on 8/12/18

We are all aware of people who do not like to deal with going against what everyone around them believes. That is putting it too lightly, I know. At any rate, I have a question for people who are afraid of facing what is true. Is your happiness, jolliness, sweetness, funniness and niceness for real or is it just a big put-on? I’ll bet that this could be taken wrong by some but no harm is intended. Just a reminder to quit being so occupied in building a likeable self-image (for instance, on FB?) when fear of what other people thinks is what is causing so much turmoil on the inside. Remember that some know this fact: “We don’t like to believe that we are wrong, so we may limit our intake of new information or thinking about things in ways that don’t fit without our pre-existing beliefs.


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