Cancer Cures Your Doctor Cannot Share

Most doctors couldn’t share a cancer cure with a cancer patient because they do not know of any cures. Ask your cancer doctor are there any alternatives to using chemo, radiation and surgery. If he or she says no, push the question and ask something like why don’t you know because there are tons of information on the Internet that says there are such a thing as natural cures. If there seems to be a little anger mixed in with their reply, go to another doctor because your current doctor has a superiority complex.

As of 2015, I’m 65 years old and I’ve never had cancer nor do I have it now, as far as I know. I do a few things as a preventive measure, such as making use of apricot seeds and paying some attention to my diet. My interest in the alternatives one can take to make themselves better after being diagnosed with this killer disease comes from the likely-hood of me, someone in my family and/or a friend will die with cancer. Neglecting the alternatives to what the cancer industry offers greatly increases the odds of not surviving cancer. With research you will agree.

There are many reasons why people will not investigate and share the alternatives. There is no need to go into any of these reasons here but please make a mental note that, “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.” Making a choice to remain ignorant in such matters is not only detrimental to the one making such choices but it is also injurious to the ones that could be influenced with life-saving information.

The following video is one of the best videos showing that there are cures for cancer. (If you find any more compelling to you than this one, will you let me know?)

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary

Since one out of every four Americans die of cancer, all of us should be sharing this and similar information. Your doctor doesn’t know or cannot tell you about better cancer cures, so it’s up to us.

All or us know people who’ve either had cancer and are in remission or have cancer and are undergoing treatments – radiation surgery and chemotherapy. This doesn’t have be: (Don’t miss this.)

Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured

How to Survive Cancer and the Truth about AIDS w/ Dr. Lorraine Day:

Internet search, “cancer cure testimonials”.

Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence!



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    Oh my! That is awesome!! Going to see if it will let me share 🙂 I really like that!

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    The Jamaican Natural Cancer Cure recipe the National Cancer Research Organizations don’t want you to know about .

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