Cancer Is Serious Business

Cancer victims’ lives greatly depends upon what they know. This page may be for you.

What is seen above was all there was to this page, which was published November 2015. Now it is the end of May of 2016.

As I was reading today’s email from I thought I would share some websites they listed in their article. Here are two of those links:

Be sure to go here: Independent Cancer Research Foundation – Reference Manual

2 thoughts on “Cancer Is Serious Business

  1. Margaret February 12, 2019 at 4:36 am

    Some things I’ve learned recently…
    Cancer cells were in the first polio vaccine and our government knew it but didn’t pull it.

    Something about getting the measles and what it does to T cells helps to prevent cancer. Another reason pharmacy is pushing the measles shot.

    Learning g a little about taking high doses of vitamin c everyday. Haven’t figured out best form to take or best place to order it.
    You may have that information on your site. If so let me know❤️

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