Cancer Questions

  1. Why do children get cancer? First answer: Could it be that it is passed on to them by their mothers? Ask a search engine can cancer cells be passed on to an unborn child. You’ll probably come up with an answer as found here. An interesting article from the Medical News Today website states, “… Around a third of mother-to-fetus cancers are melanoma… Cases of women of child bearing age being diagnosed with melanoma are on the rise, and pregnant women who are at risk or have any kind of ulceration or bleeding of the skin, especially on moles or pigmented areas, should talk to their doctor.Second answer: It’s too much information to go into; it’ll also save me a lot of time if you’ll just CLICK HERE.
  2. A grown-up certainly suffers from stress (trauma disorder) caused by their knowledge of having cancer. What about young children? According to what I’ve found: Yes, they suffer from stress, too. Here are a few links to some informative articles:
    1. From Science Daily
    2. From Medscape
    3. From The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  3. Why do most cancer patients ignore information concerning alternative cancer cures? Here’s an excerpt from the article titled,
  4. “Resistance: Why Cancer Patients May Ignore, Rididcule, Reject and Attack Alternative Cancer Treatments” (It’s on the Healing Cancer Naturally website): “Unhappily, this phenomenon is all too common, and all too fatal.With all due respect, to do otherwise would require a complete upheaval of cherished beliefs. To do otherwise would mean giving up values and trusts that are decades old. To do otherwise would mean admitting one has been a ‘patsy’ for the conventional medical system and the media and the government for years. To do otherwise would mean having to face one of the scariest prospects of all: that we are in fact responsible for own own fate. Nobody else. Nothing else. Or as the poet Emerson put it: ‘Most people would rather die than think. In fact they do.’ Not kind words here to be sure, but ain’t it the truth? The survivors among us all will find a way to survive. Period.”

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