Generation Gaps, Old Fogies and Moral Standards

The words, “generation gap” were words heard fairly often around fifty years or so ago. What was meant was that the younger generation didn’t understand the older generation’s way of thinking and neither did the older seem to understand the younger generation’s new ways of thinking. Who remembers the words, “old fogey”?1

There are still generation gaps but most people born since the seventies and eighties probably have never given those particular words much thought. Even so, the way they’ve been taught to think is different from the way  that  their parents and/or grandparents were taught to think.2 Generally speaking, it is apparent, if one cares to consider, that most grandparents and great grandparents have been led to conform to today’s way of thinking without giving much thought as to what has actually taken place.3 But, there are yet a few who sees the world through the eyes of absolute right or wrong, adhering to a God-given objective morality. Having said that, I must say that I know of some younger people who, for the most part, live by high moral standards.4 Some, as well as myself, are aware of how agitated some people get5with people like us who bring up anything that doesn’t fit their way of thinking and do not want to hear what a few older people have to say about the direction our world is headed.  Those ignorant and arrogant enough to stay that way are all around us. People who grew up in the fifties and sixties were affected (infected) by “new ways of thinking”6 enough to call their parents old fogies and out of touch with the real world. The forming of the public mind has been going on for a very long time and is, as always, accomplished in very small, subtle increments but their are always a few who will dig their heals in, sticking with their convictions of what’s right and what’s wrong.

Understand the following videos to see why some Christian parents, grandparents and great grandparents don’t allow themselves to be deceived by such things as “tolerance” and “moral relativism”.


There is much that probably needs to be said and more good links to be given….

But, for now…

A few in the older generation are seen and understood as people who live by their God-given convictions and one or two, here and there  hear from their younger ones words like, ” I love you Grandpa and you too, Grandma for who you are and I appreciate y’all for the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that you have and for passing it on to us.” There are parents here and there who hear similar words. Are you one of those so blessed?

If there exists a need to go further to realize whether or not that morality is objective, there needs to be a desire for truth and the Author of it in order to have any kind of hope of obtaining the right answers. God, the Christian God, the Almighty God of the Holy Bible is who needs to be sought after first. Otherwise, a very long road will be taken but with a heart for truth, there will be a face-to-face realization  that God, the God of the Bible is the source from where all truth proceeds.

I think there will be more to come…


Food for thought: What is the difference between objective and subjective?

Just checking: A toddler, up to his neck in a small pool says to his father, “It’s deep” and the father up to his knees in the same kiddie pool replies, “No, it’s not.” Who is right?

Just checking: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” -Proverbs 1:7 Is this statement an objective one or is it a subjective quote? In other words, is this scripture a true fact for every human being on this planet or is it, “It depends….”?


  1. Old fogy definition; “a person who is excessively old-fashioned in attitude, ideas, manners, etc.” This definition is from
  2. Reading this online book, “Brave New Schools“, is a must for understanding what has been going on right under our noses (At least read Chapter Three.) Homeschooling parents would do well to see how infested our world has become with evil’s intentions and accomplishments.  Choosing to remain void of understanding is nothing more than a compliance with the devil’s agenda. Silence from the pulpit about how our children are being brainwashed  shows the absence of much needed understanding and wisdom. (“Brainwashed” is not the wrong word. What would you call it when school children are being convinced to turn against their Christian values [God-given morals] taught at home?)
  3. What has taken place? Again, please read Chapter Three as found in the book, Brave New Schools.
  4. “If a fellow human were to arbitrarily decide what morality involves and impose his standard on us, we could say his morality is subjective, according to his personal preferences and beliefs. But because God created us, He has authority over us and has the right to hold us to His standard. We inherently know this ultimate standard of right and wrong because God has written His law on our hearts (Romans 2:15).” This is quoted from this web page as found on Answers In Genesis’ website. Suggestion: Search for “moral absolute values”, or something similar, for  interesting readings and videos.
  5. Even well educated people can reveal their ignorance. It is simply because of their rejection of God, thus being deceived by those of higher learning who’ve made their choice to reject God. To see an outstanding example of this go to and read all of this page.
  6. To understand in more detail go here to read The UN Plan For Your Mental Health

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