Is Christmas Biblical?

God wants to be worshiped as the only true God, adding nothing and taking nothing away. He is to be worshiped in Spirit and Truth. Worshiping Him in Spirit and not Truth is not true worship. Worshiping Him in truth and not in true Spirit is not true worship. The ways of pagan (heathen) worship does not please the Almighty God, especially doing it in His name. (Just so you know, to me, Christmas festivities is bearable; just leave Jesus out of it.

Since the seventies, when I first did a little research, I have not found where Christmas (or Easter) is taught in the Bible. Many pastors, teachers, theologians and laymen across the Christian denominational spectrum have taught and believed against this celebration and yet the majority of Christians remain woefully ignorant.

Jesus Is the reason for the season? Jesus is the reason for all seasons but that would never cause one to search their heart as to why they celebrate Christmas. There are many replies that could be (and have been) made in the defense of celebrating Jesus’ birthday. But, shouldn’t we want to know the facts about its origin and why it was incorporated into the Christian religion to begin with and why non-Christians join in this celebration, along side of those identifying themselves as true believers and followers of Jesus Christ?

I need to make plain that your celebration–or not–on December 25th is your business and is between you and God. I do not get a chip on my shoulder because of people celebrating this day and even going as far as to call it worship. I realize that most people simply don’t know that there is another side–the truthful side–to the history of Christmas. One could ask why do I bother to bring it up and the answer is simple. It has pagan roots going all the way back to Nimrod. It is entirely up to you what you do with what can be learned. I sincerely hope that you don’t get bent out-of-shape with me because I have brought this subject up1. Please. But if it is righteous indignation that you would like to share, have at it. Just be civil.

What follows is a sermon/teaching from Greg Price, a Calvinist, and can be found on this page on

(By the way, Spurgeon didn’t celebrate Christmas either. -Freeman)

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Here are some facts about Christmas:

This is from SDA (Seventh Day Adventist), which will turn some folks I know of off. Anyone can do their own research–it is worth your time to investigate:

Mike Pearl answers this way:

From David Pawson:

If you desire to stay where you are then watch this and “Merry Christmas!”:

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Links that may be of interest to some:

History of Christmas (  A partial quote from the site: …If we, as a people, continue to hold fast to what we’ve always been taught, or consume only what the “politically correct” world throws at us, we open ourselves up to continued manipulation and control by others!….”

There is plenty of evidence as to the pagan origin of Easter. The following link is one that a worshiper in

Spirit and Truth will refer back to after doing all the other research:

Isn’t “Easter” a Mistranslation of “Pascha” and Should It Be Translated As “Passover”?

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“While there is one record of Christmas being celebrated in Antioch (Turkey) on December 25 in the middle of the second century, there is no record of its being observed on that date in Rome until the year 336 AD. In 350 AD Pope Julius I declared December 25 the official date and in 529 AD Emperor Justinian declared Christmas a civic holiday. Further legislation by the Council of Tours in 567 AD officially made Advent a period of fasting and preparation; the time from Christmas to Epiphany (the twelve days of Christmas) was also declared part of the festive season.” Source:


  1. If you have any questions, comments and/or a different point of view leave a comment  below and I or/and another commenter  will join in conversation. (History is history. Anyone who wants to know can easily find out for themselves. Therefore, I will not cover all the bases. Maybe there is enough here to get you interested. If you have information you want to share, by all means do so.)

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