Public School Indoctrination

Before watching these videos, there is a book called Brave New Schools.1 There is an online copy of it which has been referred to elsewhere on this site. For now, reading and studying chapter three would be enlightening. It will be found that many questions will be answered for the ones trying to understand their being rejected, put down, ignored and on the receiving end of an overall lack of positive response by a majority of friends and family. This information fits very well on this page. Here’s the link: A New Way of Thinking

Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism (2015 Documentary):

More videos:

Charlotte Iserbyt – The Secret History of Western Education (Full Documentary)

GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL NOW!!!! John Taylor Gatto “The Scientific Management of Children”

John Taylor Gatto Education Engineering – Coast to Coast Interview (2005) FULL!

Public “Education” Has Become Indoctrination and Distraction

Psychology & Indoctrination for the Destruction of Critical Thinking in Public Schools

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

Who Controls The Children (schools dumb down kids deliberately)

Ex-Public School Principal Warns Christian Parents


A New Way of Thinking

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  1. Amazon sells this book. I read the reviews and most were positive. Here’s two of them:

    #1 – “Having been a teacher in South Africa for seventeen years, as well as vice principal of a children’s home for more than six years, I love our youngsters with all my heart! I therefore have read many books on education, but never have I come across any book as magnificent as “Brave New Schools” by Berit Kjos! On the one hand, she doesn’t hesitate to expose the very real and vicious attacks on our innocent youth for what it is: An all-out effort of Satan to destroy their lives and let them end up in hell! On the other hand, her brilliant book is one great praise to the One who gave His life for us and who said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them.”
    To everyone with a truly “open mind”, it should be obvious that this excellent book was written by someone driven by the love of Jesus Christ. If you really love your child, please READ “Brave New Schools” by Berit Kjos!
    “If your god is dead, take mine: Jesus Christ lives!”

    #2 – “I find a statement made be a previous reviewer interesting:
    “She fails to see that the true purpose of education is not to tell people what to think, but HOW to think.”
    Kjos points out that the schools systems Are doing just that… telling students WHAT to think. She shows, through real life examples, how teachers, who have been “trained” to indoctrinate children with New Age “values”, show students how to turn away from any trace of moral upbringing.
    Kids are left feeling that their parents are wrong and can’t be trusted and what the school system says is the correct way.
    You wonder why there is so much rebellion in the youth today?
    There ya go.
    There is also a section describing in detail what teachers are taught and a very enlightening section on a visit to a facility where the training materials come from.
    If you want the knowledge to protect your children, get this book and you will be armed.”

    If there is any question in a parent’s mind about whether or not to send their child to a government supported school, you can most assuredly find the only answer.

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