God has given all of us enough of what it takes to see Him and to be able to choose to follow Him. If we pursue God, the God of truth, our faith will be increased, we’ll become stronger with knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

We all face and walk in the valley of not knowing what to believe sometimes but we are still able to choose–we’re not totally depraved– during this time. Weakness in courage and honesty could get a foothold. We should be careful. Lies can be believed.

We have been raised in a system that rewards us with prestige and social status if we go with the flow. Living our lives according to the “accepted” social thinking and values is proof enough that “we’ve been had”. Contemplate the things we believe and understand as the truth and how we’ve been brought to this point in this time in our lives and then be enabled to recognize the deceptions we have so dearly held on to.

We have seen (and are seeing) the illusions we’ve based our lives upon. Nothing compares to the regeneration of the mind and spirit of man. This regenerated spirit is what is hated because it is more difficult for the heart and mind to yield to a lie when Truth has been found and followed. Truth is the guiding light and will not fail those who love it. Truth is a narrow path that leads us on. Integrity in righteousness grows greater within the follower of Jesus Christ/Truth. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

But, many are so easily influenced and follow the broad way, the way of living lies, as I have in the past. How have we been “guided”? Where have we been guided to? Why are we here? Government, education, the media, the mainstream health industry and religion have had, and have their death-grip upon those willingly remaining ignorant. For example:

We find ourselves, fresh out of high school, full of life and wanting to “make it” in experiencing the American Dream. We then get into the best schools of higher learning. We work hard in our chosen career while knowing that success and fortune will follow–at least that’s what we hope for.

In order to earn these benefits, we have to be right and don’t step out of line–ever. We cannot be “wrong”. We’ve accepted what we’ve been taught. We cling to our “learned” opinions and beliefs without ever giving them a second thought, thinking they are our strongest assets.

If the information we hold as truth is incorrect within the educational system, we receive an “F”–“F” for “FAILED”. If we are a failure, then that jeopardizes our money, our health, our livelihoods and the lives of those we care about, which results in shame and most people can’t tolerate that.

Are we really people who are capable of having our own thoughts? Or… are we choosing to be part of “the flow”? What if we live our lives and “look over” these people who try to make us feel ashamed because we don’t fit their mold? What if we make our own decisions and not be hurt by anyone’s attempt to shame us? That would be courage with understanding.

Let our lives be a light, pointing the way so that it’s obvious to all that we don’t manipulate or control others; that we really do care for others. May we be listeners and take what they have to say to know who and where they are. This can be done without accepting the deadly poison of shame. It can be done without delivering it (shame) to others.

We can have the true freedom to think for ourselves and not be enslaved by those who attempt to, publicly or privately, make us ashamed of ourselves.

It is time.

Ignore–we’ve decided. Put it off for later–we’ve decided. Attempt to out-smart what we’ve just thought about–we’ve decided.

Look, investigate and search–we’ve decided well when we follow the truth, Jesus Christ.

Freeman Shepherd

(What you’ve just read has been my personal experience. That’s how I can talk about it and why I talk about it.)

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